Friday, September 28, 2012

Chewing... chewing... chewing

We have a game we play with our daughter when she doesn't want to try a new food.

It goes like this,
Yuck, I don't like that.
Well, you said yuck, now you have to try it and we'll help you. Close your eyes and we'll feed you a bite.
This takes some time but eventually it happens.

Then we ask 3 different questions, something like:
Is it soft or hard?
Is it crunchy or chewy?
Is it sweet or sour?
By the time she's done answering the food is usually gone. Has she gagged? Yes. Has she survived to tell about it? Yes. Is this method of feeding a sometimes picky eater working for now? Yes. Good enough for us.

Still, sometimes I swear she says it's gross or yucky just because she can. The other night she ate practically the whole pile of BLECH on her plate.

Still, I thank her for it because it got me to thinking last night as I stood in line at the grocery store's job fair :
I've eaten a lot of things...but it's usually my pride that's the hardest to swallow.
Being a grocery store cashier may not be my pride's 1st choice of employment. But I'm lucky to have choices and maybe I feel sorry for myself, or dumb, just because I can. I'm still chewing on it. I should probably try asking myself a 3 different questions in the meantime to make the task a little easier...
Am I happy?
Am I strong?
Am I grateful?
Good luck with whatever is on your plate and know you're not alone. xo

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