My name is Lindsay. I married a great guy and we have two wonderful children, four and seven year old. I am creatively pursuing happiness in the good company of my family and friends (who keep me balanced) while kissing our little one's boo boos and celebrating any accomplishments (ours and others).

This blog is my way of connecting with others, trying new things and recording what goes on around our place, #52. 

Our family theme song from the Treehouse Kids TV show My Friend Rabbit:

You use your head
I use mine
We'll put 'em together
And what'll we find?
We can do it when we do it together

We have fun, whatever we do
Let's keep thinking till we think it through
We can do it when we do it together

I've got an idea
And though we might mess up
We'll put our heads together
And we won't give up

We're a team with lots to share
It's not where going
It's how we're gonna get there
We can do it when we do it together.

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