Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time for Tea and a Tidy

We Can Do It! T&T now also stands for Tea and Tidy.

I read this in some sort of "get organized" book a while back. It's one of those tips that really works and the best part is it incorporates "taking a break" into the instructions:

'Take 2 minutes to heat yourself up a cup of [tea]. While the microwave is running take a sweep through your abode and tidy up (note: don't worry too much about tackling everything). By the time the microwave is done heating up your drink your place will be a little more tidy and your reward will be waiting.'

Knowing I only have two minutes (at a time - it can get addictive) to tidy up activates my sometimes dormant efficiency and speed mode... This task is easy enough to do and the tea really does feel like a reward. Voila!

There are a LOT of tea blogs out there...after doing a bit of digging, I came across one I like:

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