Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What are your favorite colours?

Do you have a favorite colour, or favorite series of colours? Someone asked me what some of my favorite colours were today and it made me smile. Here they are:
Blue Dancers, c1890
Oil on canvas by Edgar Degas
Teal, Aqua, Gold, White, Expresso and Raspberry Red. Yes, The Raspberry Red is missing from this Degas, but that's ok. I imagine these girls have raspberry red lips and that will do.

I'm a big fan of colour in the home. Inspiration can come from anywhere: a painting, your favorite jewellery set, a holiday photograph, a pet (seriously, some cats and dogs have beautiful colour combos) and last but not least - Mother Nature. There are even some cool websites that take photos and profile their colour pallets: Design Seeds or Photo Card Boutique. Fun to browse.

There's a TV show our daughter loves about a sister and brother called Stella and Sam. In one episode 4 year old Sam asks his older sister Stella why the sky is so colourful...she tells him a story about the Sky Painter. The Sky Painter is fairy like woman who paints the sky beautiful colours. Isn't that sweet?

Image linked from Grade ONEderful - a Canadian Primary Teacher's Blog

You can find inspiration everywhere and anywhere. I once asked my gorgeous hairstylist cousin what colours I should be wearing. She said we are attracted to colours that suit us. And I sighed a sigh of relief. Of course.

The colours we are attracted to can also make us happy when we look at them. Fill your home and your heart up with these colours. Forget the latest trends, what your neighbour has in their house or what you may see in magazines for a while and colour outside the lines. Why not?

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