Thursday, December 6, 2012

Craft Fail...

I saw this website, called Craft Fail, on Steven and Chris and honestly, it's hilarious. I have a few items I could add to the postings indeed.

I love that there are "supposed to look like" photos, stories about the craft endeavor and then after photos. This one made me laugh out loud:

When reader Jennifer saw these delicious cookies she knew she had to make some.
She’s an activity director at a home for seniors and thought they would love a special treat. 
Unfortunately, the grocery store was out of candy corn, 
and she thought that perhaps M&M's would be a fine substitute.
No problem. Drop a few M&M’s where the feathers would be, 
add a little frosting, glop on a little beak….

 Do you think the seniors cared if their turkeys had cobbled feathers?
Naw, they probably enjoyed the cobbled goggle.

Funny, right? Enjoy!

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