Monday, May 16, 2011

Play Kitchen - Made by a Dad

I love blogs by guys (well, some of them anyways)'s one of them.

I like this play kitchen. I don't know what the budget may have been but since this guy's subheading is:

"Ramblings of a bald man and his mod pad. And stuff. And getting it on the cheep. And sometimes maybe ladies. Who knows?"

I'm guessing it didn't cost a mint. Just some creativity and time.

This quote from the blog is hilarious: "Claire's pretty into it. Not really in the traditional way I guess, but more in the "Let's-rip-off-the-sink-and-drop-food-down-the-hole-and-retrieve-it-from-the-cabinet" sort of way. Sometimes she puts her fancy lady attire in the kitchen. I'd like she'll still be doing the same thing in about 25 years."

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