Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What are you doing this summer?

I'm a sucker for lists. I'll admit though, that in a flurry of pregnancy hormones and tiredness I took my latest set of Honeydew lists, tore them up and tossed them out.

What is a Honeydew list? It's a cute way of saying: Honey Do This and Honey Do That. Did the list work? Yes, yes it did. But let's be honest. Not even a working list can sustain the wrath of a pregnant, tired and moody woman! Nobody, and nothing else, was harmed in the ripping of the lists and I actually felt better for doing it!

Anywho, I digress... a list is a great reminder to make my good intentions a reality. The list need not be long, complicated or definite. Checking off something here and there feels great and keeps the home-fires burning when it comes to getting "it" done.

P.S. Lists don't have to be all about work. Here's a great idea for a Summer Must-Do List from Giver's Log. Summer is short (at least in snowed this year on May 1 - but that's another story) so let's take advantage of getting some fun things done. I like that the onus on making the list isn't all up to one person (Mom) and that it's colourful enough to hang somewhere where everyone can see it and remind each other about what's really important - enjoying our lives! We Can Do It! 

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