Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What do you know, it's Wednesday...

I'm tired. The baby is sick. The house needs a good cleaning (walls and everything). I want our basement renos finished, now. We have paperwork to sort through and complete asap (as in four months ago). I feel like a nag and at the same time I don't want to do any of fact I don't want to do anything...

Blah. It's Wednesday. It's supposed to be the original The We Can Do It Day but today it feels more like the I Suck and Don't Want To Do Anything But Run Away Day.

I want to feel better. So, with all that being said (and a lot more being held back), I'm going to try my best to have a better, if you'd care to join me...

This post (Trials and Tribulations of Motherhood) has a link to Karen Maezen Miller's Book and Blog Momma Zen. It's good. Here's a excerpt from her August newsletter that has been sitting in my inbox, unread, until today. I've copy pasted it all. Maybe you're lucky enough to be somewhere in the States and can attend a retreat? The links to the blogs are good (note: not all of them are Karen Maezen Miller's).

Voila. I feel a little better already.

The rest is easy

Let the future come to you. – Momma Zen

The future haunts these dwindling days of summer. Around the corner, school starts, if it hasn't already. Ready or not comes the rush and tumble of fall, the holidays – 
bam! – and the year's over. Or at least, we live that way. Are you living that way today? Racing toward the end of something? Getting ahead of yourself?
My daughter turned 12 last week. Yes, the baby in the book turned 12. She said to me "Mom, this year has gone by so fast!" Then I knew she had merged into the fast lane, the lane I'm trying to exit, where the days whirr past the window like tumbleweeds.
Here is your invitation to slow down for a day, to focus on the scenery and not the road. Ready or not the future always arrives on schedule. And this way, you might notice what is right here.

Mother yourself – Do you give yourself permission to rest?
Look at me – "What have you done with your life?"
Making a pie – The principal ingredient to human healing.
Taking some shots – Before the bus comes.
Showing up – To right here.
Easy ways in
The Art of Mindfulness retreat in Houston, Sat., Sept. 10. Having the good life is simple when you savor the one you have. Plug in discount code: MAEZEN for special savings on registration.The Practice of Everyday Life weekend retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center in Colorado, Fri., Sept. 16-Sun. Sept. 18. Deeply personal, deeply practical.The Plunge retreat Sat., Oct. 1 in Pittsburgh. The peace and patience you thought you'd lost forever.Love Beyond Limits workshop Sat., Oct. 22 in Athens, Georgia.

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