Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas B•O•N•K•E•R•S

I thought I had things under control up until last night...not that I'm super organized to begin with but I was hoping a few would have been done by now things done by now:
  • Christmas cards mailed
  • House cleaned
  • Laundry put away
  • Grocery shopping done
  • All simple, but thoughtful gifts bought/made and wrapped
  • Basement reno done (this one's sorta out of my control)
What to do first, right now? Nothing. That's right. I'm done. This afternoon I'm going to try and take a nap. I have 1 hour and 50 minutes until my daughter  comes home from preschool. I'll get back to the list tonight after the kiddies are in bed...

So, from now until after the holidays are over here please feel free to check out the Christmas Posts from the past (there are some good ones, including my Grandmother's Carmel Corn recipe) I'll be sporting a rubber glove on one hand, an oven mitt on the other while the hot glue gun is heating up next to the cookies to be iced on top of the grocery list -BUT HEY - these are all good "problems" to have...and for that I am really grateful. 

Happy holidays and see you in the New Year!

P.S. Dear Mom, I now fully understand why your Christmas list had "A Clean House" on it...XOXO

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