Monday, January 23, 2012

SHE ATE IT! eggs + panko

Someone in our house is a little picky when it comes to food. Not all food though, "Treats" are a sure winner...but a scrambled egg? Hardly.

Yes, I know that Jerry Seinfeld's wife has a that cookbook out about sneaking healthy food into your kids diets, which is great but tonight I am not in the mood. I have enough cookbooks in my life to sink a ship and besides (right now) I think sneaking things in is annoying and more work...and...perhaps someone should just learn to deal with it (ok...that someone is obviously me...but let's just pretend it's not). Oh, and while I'm at it, I don't have it in me (today) to even think of making things "cuter" by adding eyes and/or cutting, peeling or slicing food into shapes.

Speaking of those scrambled eggs mentioned earlier. Here's winner #1, discovered by using the leftover egg wash from tonight's breaded chicken:

Egg + Panko Bread Crumbs > fried in a little Olive Oil = crunchy egg fritters. 
This is as close to a scrambled egg as I've gotten in 2 years so I'll take it. I don't care that she thinks it's crunchy chicken, even though I corrected her and said it was crunchy eggs. Besides, I think she was ignoring me.

P.S. Don't forget. I welcome any (easy) meal & snack suggestions and thanks in advance! 
P.S.S. I'm trying "You have to eat 3 things b/c you're 3 years old." Tonight she chose 1 peanut and 1 raisin to go along with her plain noodles tonight. Jokes on me, but it is kinda funny 3 hours later...

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