Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween 2012

I know it's long past Halloween, but can I have more post? I feel like I ran out of time and didn't do the holiday (?) justice. I still have to redress my kids in their costumes because I didn't get a very good shot of them all dressed up!

Here are a couple of ideas of mine and some that some of my friends managed to get done for Halloween - good work!

Food from a Friend's Party for the kiddies:
Zombie bread (stuffed with spinach dip pizza dough)
Veggie Skeleton (modified by a Dad at the party, can you spot the new addition?)
Our front step & the extent of my decorations but I like it (dollar store reflectors)
A friend's front door in Edmonton (so good, right?)

A craft I brought to a play date for kids ages 2 - 5 1/2
Cut egg carton cups into singles
Hole punch 4 holes on each side
Cut pipe cleaners in half
Paint egg carton cups black in advance if you don't want extra mess and to save time
(Spray paint doesn't work, I tried, use acrylic)
(The girls wanted to paint theirs pink and purple anyway, so you could skip this step)
Let kids string legs through spiders
Glue on google eyes, fangs, bows, glitter, whatever
(You can see the girls painted over the eyes, so maybe paint first,
but then they have to dry in between glueing - hairdryer?)
Get the kids to repeat this phrase, "You get what you get and you don't get upset!",
with regard to colour of spider legs, I separated them before hand into sets of 8
Place in the centre of table over little gourds and around a halloween candle/vase filled with candy

Now, I better get upstairs. My husband took the day off today and I'm pretty sure he didn't plan on me updating my blog with Halloween fun while he parented along all morning. Christmas posts coming soon! xo

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