Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Easy Painting Craft for Your Little One(s)

I once read that if you'd like your child to be intelligent you should give them intelligent things to do. I like the simplicity of this as a mantra. It makes sense.

I have a daughter who will be two years old in October. She's loved drawing since she first held a crayon in her hand. This makes me ecstatic because I too love to draw. In fact, my daughter loves drawing so much that she's done so on any available: piece of paper, fridge, wall or body part (hers or otherwise). You get the picture ;)  It doesn't bother me now that I've figured out you can google your way to cleaning just about anything. As for the blue crayon swirls on the fridge, they're staying because I love them.

We've recently added painting to our crafty repitoire. She's made a few masterpieces including a medium sized canvas that I'll be hanging on our wall. I stumbled upon this easy painting craft from the Disney Family Fun website called My First Monoprint. The photo is pretty self explanatory but you can find the full article here

Save your child's prints for wrapping paper or to frame as artwork to place around your house. I'm willing to bet more than one person will say, "Fabulous piece, where ever did you get it?"

My First Monoprints
My Fist Monoprint - Disney Family Fun Website

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