Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy 4th Year Anniversary to Us!

September 23 was our 4th wedding anniversary. My husband and I celebrate by ordering pizza and relaxing with our toddler over the course of the evening. It was perfect!

I was going through an old photoshop magazine when I came across this concept: Trash the Dress. It's where brides have their wedding photos taken in various environments where it's guaranteed that their wedding dress will either get dirty or ruined! I love this concept!
Could I have trashed my wedding dress four years ago? Probably not. Next year will be our fifth wedding anniversary, hmmm it could be fun - stay tuned! 

"Why trash the dress? "Why? Why not? You've made your commitment to your one true love, so why let something so beautiful go the way of the slow rot in the closet? just trash it! Especially if you can have a blast and get some fantastic images out of it at the same time." Mark Eric (photographer), paraphrased by Matt Adcock

"FreeToFlaunt.com (otherwise known as TrashTheDress.com) is a collection of images from photographers across the globe featuring brides, and grooms, not afraid to get their attire a little dirty.The initial response from brides when they come across ‘trashing the dress’ is – why would I want to destroy something I spent tons of money on? Our response is – what would you rather have, your dress sitting in your attic for the rest of its life or mind blowing images that you can hang proudly on your wall? Besides. 90 percent of brides who ‘trash their dress’ leave with their dress perfectly intact. A little dirty maybe but not trashed. The dry cleaner is your friend.In summary. Lets not focus on destruction but on the art of creation. Lets not trash our dress but flaunt it proudly!" FreetoFlaunt.com

Jennifer’s grandparents lived near a green murky bayou. We knew the contrast of the white dress against the green swampy waters could create some very interesting art. Mark Eric http://www.markeric.com/

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