Monday, September 13, 2010

Gifts from the Heart at Giver's Log

I love this blog

Amberlee’s About Me profile goes like this:

I used to edit books near the city, now I mother children in the country. GiversLog is my place to catalog ideas for life's shared moments. I write about handmade giving, thoughtful gestures, pretty packaging, happy mail, happy birthdays, big surprises, food to make and share, gifts that aren’t stuff, and about the things you make and give. I hope you'll find something to inspire you and hope you'll say hello when you drop by.

Don’t you just love her already?

Amberlee has fabulous ideas where the phrase “it’s the thought that counts” measures up to fabulous memorable gifts. Personally, I love her Gift Inspiration Boards where her chart of photos is actually the links to websites to DIY gift projects.

Christmas is only 100 Days, 7 Hours and 25 Minutes away – Amberlee’s site provides a great alternative to mall shopping or just a fun and pretty site to check out when you’re ready to take a breather. You can find her link in my Homemaking Blog List in the left margin.

I’ll be trying the pesto recipe complete with free printable pesto jar lables.

Who wouldn't love homemade pesto as a gift?

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