Friday, January 28, 2011

THE best body scrub I hardly bought...

That's right. I have news. The best body scrub I hardly bought is the 3/4 cup of white sugar I polished my face and entire body with in the shower after reading the tip in Carmidy's book Crazy Busy Beautiful. Carmindy appears on the TV show I made my family promise never to nominate me for (although I could use the $5000 towards a new wardrobe!!!) What Not To Wear. (Oh, P.S. I bought the book at Superstore for 25% off the cover price, I'm just saying)

Carmindy's book is filled with easy-peasie beauty tips including my new favorite: using plain white sugar from your pantry as a body scrub. Mix it with your body wash or take a handful and go to town on your legs, it's all good. I especially liked using a tiny bit of it on a facecloth and exfoliating my lips. Honestly, I'm not sure why I was so surprised it worked so well! So listen, I've put a bunch in a airtight tupperware and tossed it in the bathroom closet.

Why I like it so much:

  • It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin
  • There are no other/added chemicals
  • I'll always have it on hand
  • It's cheap
  • It washes off easily and doesn't leave any gross or sticky residue
  • It doesn't turn rancid (like the oversize 3 Minute Miracle I spent way too much money for years ago and ended up making my hands burn - gross!)
All I would suggest is lathering on the moisturizer after you're done - and VOILA - you're done :)

Go here for another part of Carmindy's website I like - Money Saving Tips.

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