Monday, January 24, 2011

Forget your fridge, put your child's art on the wall!

We were over at a friends place for dinner and while we were finishing up the sushi (yum) the kiddies were into the Pipsqueaks (Crayola's cute -totally- washable markers for little hands)... when low and behold...VoilA!

One of the kiddies ran up to his mommy with his masterpiece in hand. A series of blue, green and grey scribbles on a white plain old piece of computer paper. Honestly, there was something totally captivating about his scribbles that words can't describe. We looked at each other and said, almost at the same time, that's nice enough to go on the wall - it just needs to be about 20x bigger!

Well, in my employment travels over the last 2 years (I took to part time after our daughter was born in seek of personal balance) I worked at a photo restoration shop. One of the services they offered was printing on canvas. So there you go. You can get just about anything printed to almost any size on canvas, have the canvas stretched and mounted on a frame > ready to hang on your wall. GENIUS. Seriously. If When I win the lottery my first purchase will be a big beautiful plotter (really really big printer) and I swear I'm going to set up shop in my house. Until then, if this at all interests you let me know, I can give you a hand as to where to get your kid's artwork turned into a wall sized canvas.

Our children are a part of our families and our homes are their homes too. If they happen to be into scribbling here and there and something catches your eye, save yourself about $7500 and get a big a$$ canvas print made of their painting/drawing/scribble and hang it on your wall. I think it boosts their self confidence at the same time. Win win.

I let my daughter go to town on a canvas I had lying around the house when she was about 2 years old. It hangs at our back door and I see it through the window every time I come home and stick the key in the lock. I love it. It just says Welcome Home Mommy every time.
One of our daughter's masterpieces that hangs by our backdoor.

More art display ideas:

I LOVE this.
If you have a child who produces art like it's going out of style, 
something like this may be right up your alley! 
Side note: Ikea, when are you coming to Wpg? Seriously.
Complete with photos of the artists. From somewhere in here.

A series of scribbles.

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