Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2011!

hope you had a GREAT holiday season! we had tons of fun spending time with family & friends.

now there's the fun and excitement of a brand spanking new year. what to do, what to do?! resolution/no resolution? i say no resolution = no guilt later! with that being said, there's nothing wrong with a little good intentions here and there ;)  my good intention is to be organized and clutter free. wanna join me?

do i have a master plan yet? no, but i'm going to start anyways. so for now, the mantra is we can do it, if not everyday than at least on wednesdays!

Wednesday January 5, 2011 - Clothes Purging! i'll be going through ALL my clothes. the dump factor - everything gets dumped on the bed. then i go through everything and [try] to be ruthless. the old keep, toss, donate rules you see on every organization show on tv is getting old for me. not that it doesn't work but it bores me. so here's looking at clothes purging from a different from

Closet Organizing: How to Purge

If you dread going into your closet, now is a great time to clean it out and switch your wardrobe for the upcoming season! During the switch, do yourself a favor and purge as you go.
There are four types of clothes in your closet:
Best Friends - Clothes you love, that you wear most often.
Acquaintances - Clothes that you like, that fit you and that you wear from time to time and are generally happy with.
Distant Pals - These are the rarely worn essentials that serve a special purpose, such as cocktail dresses, formalwear and holiday fancies. You don't wear them all the time, but when you need them, you really need them.
Enemies - Enemies are clothes that don't go with anything else in your wardrobe, don't fit anymore, are a bad color for you, or make you feel unattractive when you wear them. We all have a few enemies in our closets. Get rid of 'em!
Questions to ask yourself when deciding what category your clothes fall into:
  • When did I wear this last?
  • Does it still fit?
  • Is it still in style?
  • Does it need to be repaired or altered, and will I have the work done?
  • Does this look good on me?
  • Do I love how I feel when I wear it?
The secret to closet success, is that you must tell yourself the absolute truth when asking those questions! You will create a lot more usable space in your closet and you won't even miss those clothes you got rid of.
Whether you realize it or not, your closet holds many items that someone else in the world would really love and appreciate. Once you've weeded out those pieces that are no longer serving you, consider donating your old clothes to a homeless shelter, Goodwill, or another charity where they will be given or sold to those who need them. It's a win-win!
ok. off to the races, if you're joining me good luck to us! if not, stay tuned for more fun to come!

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  1. March 13th, 2011
    Daylight savings time has sprung forward coinciding with my mom's 82nd birthday. Today I feel a sense of re-awakening.
    After a long winters accumulative of wishing for more usable space within my basement crafty space. My playthings keep nudging me. Stubbed toes and the occasional ornery mood are no longer a match for closing the door. MANO EMANO. Weapon of choice Lindsay's Distant Pal analogy.
    Dear New Found Pals,
    You must patiently wait, spring sessions will be greeted with open arms and a very pleasurable place setting this fall. As I wished my mom on the telephone, "Have a happy birthday and a year that is filled with comfort and contentment."
    Auf weider sehen, all my love.


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