Monday, October 11, 2010

Apartment Therapy - Room For Colour 2010

We are a colour on the walls family. While my husband and I like to use paint, our daughter prefers crayons. 

Here's the link to Apartment Therapy's Behr Room for Colour 2010. This site is nice because it show you photos of the paint in action and lists paint swatch info you can take with you if you like something you see. Not every entry is something I'd like for my own house but I appreciate being able to check out other peoples homes.

Stuck in a rut/need a change? Paint gives you the most bang for your buck and you can always change your mind and paint it back to the original colour. If you're not into re-painting all of your walls, but want a change, paint your largest wall. If you're not into painting but need to be inspired take note of the colourful accessories. I think there's something here for everyone. Take note, these are entries from everyday people - and the contest is open to "International" folks (insert Canada here). If the spirit moves you I think you should enter! There aren't many entries. Contest ends October 17/10.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

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