Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scrapbooking - Cute but I Just Can't Do It

I am not the scrapbooking type. I do not have it in me. I know this so I don't even think about spending a ton of do$$ars on something I'm going to feel guilty (but relieved) quitting.

With that being said. I think scrapbooking is the bomb! So many themes, cute paper cut outs, so many cute die cutters, ribbon, glitter, photos, memories, love, bubbles and candy - yum!

Seriously though, I love the concept of scrapbooking as art. My frame of mind is, why put it in a book on your shelf when you can blow up the whole page to 2' x 3' and frame it on your wall? Imagine one of these beauties in your kitchen that had old photos of your grandma in her apron and high heels, photos of your mom's favorite nesting bowls, your child with her hands in the icing bowl and family recipes? This endeavor may be a once in a lifetime thing for me but I think I will do it, one day, someday but not today. It would be awesome and I'm pretty sure that everyone would think I'm a genius. If you happen to do this before me - please give me a call and I will come over to your house with a bottle of wine and chocolates and we will stand in front of your scrap-H-art and gush over how brilliant you are. Pinkie-swear. 

I have a friend (or maybe more than one if you're reading this and wondering if I'm writing about you)...who has been meaning to get her scrapbooking done for ages now. I have mentioned to her that she should have a party and invite all her scrapbooking friends + me over so we can get-er-done. I am volunteering do be your cutter/gluer/snipper/drink refilling scrapbook assistant. I love keeping my hands busy and for some reason de-cluttering and cleaning our house is not enough for me right now...


Although I think scrapbooking is amazing I know I just don't have the stamina for it. If I ever get my ducks in a row then watch out...expect an invite to my 2' x 3' scrap-H-art unveiling.

For now imagine these, big, on the wall...nice. Photos are all from here:

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