Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Get yer hair did...

We Can Do IT....We Can Make Some Time To Take Care Of How We Look (even while sporting a t-shirt with kiddie snot/yellow pit stains - I'll get another white t-shirt soon, just not today...) If It's Going To Make Us Feel Better About Ourselves.

I don't think I'm a superficial sure does feel good to reap the benefits of a long overdue (6 months) haircut and colour. I was meaning to do it forever, but kept putting it last on the list of things to do - last and fast don't rhyme, I guess that's why it took me 6 months to do it...that and I was feeling really badly about how I looked & was tired of looking & feeling blah every time I looked in the mirror.

After less than 2 hours at the salon (side note: I can't sit in a hairstylists chair for more than 2 hours without getting antsy and annoyed) hair had shape again and P.S. who knew a little bit of colour would make me feel so much better about myself, not to mention younger/at least acceptable for my age.

Like soaking wilted veggies in a bowl of ice cold water (this works by the way) I'm now refreshed and more optimistic. It's just what I needed after a lOnG winter. If you're feeling like a Soggy Sac of Suck then stop whatever you are doing and make your gorgeous self an appointment - pronto - at the salon. And P.S.S. If you like your hairstylist but feel you're not getting the results you want/ask for it's time to CUT THE SPLIT END and find a new stylist. I'm serious....even if she's your sister-in-law/friend-ish. It's nothing personal... how you feel about yourself is really important. Your hair is the ultimate Go-Along accessory - it deserves some attention (yes, I know

All I'm trying to say is take make some time to get yer hair did if your hair needs didding. A little bit of snip goes a long least that's what the guy I worked with implied after telling me at least 5x that my hair looked so much better, soooo much better, I mean sooooooo much better (ok...I get it!).

Get Yer Hair Did and Go from This to That 
(Forgive me, this is the metaphor that came to mind after working 7-4 today after an impromptu sleepover party with our daughter last night at about 3 am... she came into our bed, nobody slept, we put her back into her bed after 1.5 hours w/ some warm was all good...and poodles are funny anyways, right?!)

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