Friday, February 4, 2011

Sunblock, Pillows and a Waterproof Mattress - Oh My!

I thought it may possibly be selfish to keep these wonders to myself:

Yeah, yeah, we all know, we're supposed to use sunblock everyday. WhaTever, right? Then I read Carmindy's book Crazy Busy Beautiful and thought, hmmm. Ok, FINE. I'll try it one more time.
I found Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 30 at Superstore for $14.99 - I LOVES IT! Ultra light, non-shiny finish, fast absorbing, clean feel CHECK! This sunblock feels more like a moisturizer and for someone who breaks out at the thought of using gross-greasy sunscreen this is a goddess-send. For reals.

Need a new pillow? Superstore has PC Gel Fibre Pillows ($19.99 for a standard size) that you can WASH. Bonjour? Enough said, if you have kids, of if you're a drooler (nobody's judging, we've all been there) then you can rest easy at night knowing your pillow has been freshly washed (or dry cleaned for that matter). Oh, and you can re-use the zipper cover/packaging to store bed linen, swim towels over winter, kids clothes, etc! While you're at it grab yourself a PC Luxury Pillow Protector. 100% cotton top cover, soft and washable - oh, and on clearance right now at our Superstore for $3.49. Seriously?

Bodily fluids got ya down (gross right?! haha!) - those of us with kids know that life is's not your mattresses fault - why should it suffer? Superstore has Quilted Waterproof Mattress Covers for only $29.99 (twin size). Since we're  I'm planning on night-training our daughter sometimes sooner than later I think this purchase will pay for itself in NO time.

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