Monday, February 14, 2011

I Love Us.

Hallmark has reinvented itself in my eyes as of this Valentine's Day.

If you haven't seen their latest commercial it goes something along the line of, 
"Valentines Day isn't about saying I love you. It's about saying I love us."

In my eyes, it's good. It's relevant. It's modern and I'm not apologizing for liking it. For all the companies out there vying for our Valentine's Day Dollars has anyone you've noted made an effort to spread the idea of love, vs. love our product? Know this, Hallmark has not paid me to blog about their latest campaign - I just like it! BUT me liking this Hallmark spin on Valentine's Day doesn't mean I think you should go out and spend an exorbitant amount of money on flowers/chocolates - unless you want to...and if you want to then I say, More Power To You. Enjoy your life, that's what it's there for.

Like anything, it's the thought that counts and giving my two beloveds (hubby and daughter) a box of chocolates (albeit not the Hallmark brand) and seeing the surprise and happiness on their faces at the sight of it made my day. I'm a lucky lady. That and my husband surprised me with 5 pound (I'm not kidding) chocolate-chocolate cake handmade (2 days of work) by a friend of his. (P.S. It's better than the Goodies Chocolate Sin Cake (Italian Bake Shop in Winnipeg). P.S.S. That means it's REALLY good...).

If you're not partnered up Valentine's Day can so easily be a day that just sucks rotten eggs through a straw and is so cheesy it makes you wanna eat your own arm and spit it at all the lovers strolling by. (I'm just saying. I've been there.) I think you should do what I wish I would have - show yourself some love. Had your eye on a piece of jewellery? Some hot boots for spring? I Dream In Colour says - (4 letter word) the budget and go buys yourself something pretty!!! You freaking deserve it.

RuPaul - You're the breastest!

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