Thursday, February 24, 2011

We Can Speak Up for Ourselves

We Can Do It! We can speak up for ourselves. It's our right and, in some ways, our duty. If we don't speak up for ourselves who will (easier said than done, I find, but practice makes perfect).

This post is along the same lines of last weeks - it's about self care. Self care is a craft, so it belongs on this blog. Besides, it's my blog and I can write whatever I want!

Ever been "caught" in any of these following situations:

  • Feel like someone has the upper hand over you for no good reason?
  • You haven't said what you really thought/felt because [fill in the blank - mine is usually because I'm afraid of hurting someone's feelings or because I'm scared of potential consequences to follow - ie. someone being mad at me]...
  • Feel badly for not sticking up for yourself or feeling misunderstood?
  • Been insulted or too shocked to come up with a comeback, until 2 am the next morning?
  • Feel like you're being taken advantage of because you're "too" nice?
  • Etc, Etc, Etc. You get my drift.
Well, I'm pretty sure nobody learned to purl one stitch two perfectly the first time so consider all of those past circumstances lessons or practice for being the woman you really want to be. Sticking up for yourself takes practice and in our culture it's hard exercising this craft when the craft of sticking up for yourself is not really encouraged or rewarded.
Bring in the big guns! I love the Wendy Williams Show. She's calls herself a "woman of a particular age" meaning that she's lived and learned. Part of her show is called Ask Wendy, and the general rule is if you don't want to know what she really thinks then you shouldn't be asking. Every topic under the sun seems to come up and I think Wendy has good advice for each and every audience member who has the guts to ask (including one liner come backs!). Her motto is "Say It like you Mean It" and she understands that being able to do this takes practice. If you're not sure how to get from here to there then some of her answers to particular questions may help you.

Other than this great feature - Wendy puts on a great show. It's filled with food, celebrity gossip, backbone building (aka Ask Wendy) and fashion. What more could a girl want in a daytime talk show? I have our PVR set to 11 am on FOX so I can catch the show after our daughter goes to bed if need be, otherwise our little one and I are dancing, singing and watching Weny (as she calls it) while we eat lunch during the week.

If we can learn to stick up for ourselves more and more each day then we can help teach our kids to do the same. YOU ARE WORTH IT! And P.S. wouldn't it be nice to dish some of those good one liners back at those offenders instantly instead of at 2 am in the morning in your head? I'm not condoning being mean or not turning the other cheek, but seriously, we're too cute to be doormats and if that person can dish it they should be able to take it. I'll be practicing, maybe in my head at first but I hope to be more and more ready each and every day.


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