Monday, March 28, 2011

Go and Check the Routine!

Our 2 1/2 year old daughter is not a fan of brushing her teeth and doesn't always want to eat supper/sit on the potty take a bath/put on her pj's/go to bed/ [fill in the blank]. So, what's a parent to do...besides the best they can...which is really the most important thing, right?

I took a little time and drew up our daughter's route in little pictures, numbered each one (she's into counting right now), gave each activity a title and taped it to the wall at kid height. Now my husband or I can say, "Go check the routine!" when it's time to do one of the evening rituals that help settle our toddler and get her ready for bed. Amazingly so far so good! Some nights she even says, "I check routine!" and runs over to see what's next. I'm sure it won't work forever but I'm thinking maybe she feels more like a participant rather than being forced to do something she just doesn't want to do. I know there's lots of advice and psychology literature about kids + routine = comfort (which I believe)...but let's be honest, whatever it is, I don't need to read up on it. If the routine is working right now we'll take it while we can get it.

Clarification: Our daughter sits on the toilet (lid closed) while we brush her teeth...
I just realized it may look a little strange.

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  1. that's a great idea! so simple, but so effective.


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