Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book of Firsts for Parents - additions...

I think that new parents deserve their very own Book of First for Parents. It can sit right on the shelf next to their children's baby books.

This Book of Firsts for Parents [read the original post here] would not only serve as record of how your life changed after having children, but also as a way of bonding with them when they grow up. It  may even serve as a marriage saver when in the middle of it someone grabs The Book and instead of throwing it says..."Remember when?"

Like Baby's First Calendar, there would be places to add things to help document your life:

stickers: your drink(s) of choice (double double, frappuccino, glasses of wine, w-ever), take out menus, counseling appointments, check marks (ie. yes everyone was fed and clothed, for the most part, today), sayings like - Funny, I don't remember asking for your opinion, Where did the baby go? and Why does this laundry basket full of clean clothes smell dirty?

places to attach special photos: the house in shambles the night before (fill in the blank), outfits you wore when you thought you looked good only to realize that your husband should have told you people may confuse you with a crazy person (but he knew better, right?), how you looked from behind the night you went to the store with vomit (not yours) down the back side of your shirt, portraits of people without kids who gave you "good advice" on raising kids

Here are some additional firsts to add to the original list...

  • Used a baby wipe to wash your face because you were late and the last to get ready, again, but at least it was a clean baby wipe...you think.
  • Caught your husband on the ipad, under the covers, in bed instead of napping (b/c he really needed a nap) and sang"Busted, busted, Daddy's busted..." to your preschooler all the way out of the room while in your head thought, HA! At least I didn't get busted when I did it last week!
  • Stopped yourself THE SECOND before you were going to apologize to that person in the grocery store for THEM running into YOUR 3 year old with their cart and started at them until they apologized.
  • Realized that if you spent as much time cleaning your house and meal planning as you did online, things would be a lot different...eh, maybe tomorrow.
  • Reconsidered your plea to family and friends NOT to recommend you to Stacy and Clinton's show What Not To Wear


  1. Best and most humble, honest, and hilarious thing i've read yet today.


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