Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grocery Shopping the the Morning

I went to our grocery store this morning at 6:40 am (to be exact) and it was GLOOORIOUS (singing voice)! The store was void of people (other than employees stocking the shelves), I could stop my cart where ever I wanted to without incident and run up and down the aisles, everything I needed was in stock and I stayed the course with regard to my list. I beat one fella to the (only) checkout open and swish boom bang. Dunzzo. I don't have to go tonight and join the Zombie Walk (I'm always so tired going late and night, I think it impairs my judgement)...I'm done. It really felt like a different store at 6:40 am and I liked it! Even my groceries are put away and it's only 7:51am. Not bad.

I forgot somewhere, somehow that I'm really a morning person at heart. With the baby being up at night I could make a joke out of it...but I won't. I like being up early and accomplishing something I want to do. I think I'll hit the gym tomorrow...but I'm not promising.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. thanks for choosing me as blog of the week, greetings!!!!


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