Friday, March 9, 2012

Chocolate chip cookie recipe, plant green onions inside and 30 Days update

I tried a new chocolate chip cookie recipe called Jacques Torres’ Secret Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. Sounds fancy, oui? I made a 1/2 batch. They were good so I've designate the recipe A Keeper. Notes: I used regular flour instead of 1/2 pastry flour, not as much chocolate (mistake) didn't let them chill for 24 hours (wanted them asap) and baked them at 325' for 13 minutes (still too long for my oven). You can find the recipe on Martha Stewart's website, here or where I originally found it at A Tender Crumb (cute name, right?) here.


I usually throw out the green onions bits from the grocery store but not this time. I planted them in a pot of dirt and they are sitting on my daughters nightstand because her room get the most sun in the house. I'll likely transfer them outside once the weather gets nicer, but for now I have fresh green onion at my disposal (in the winter) and she has a plant to water. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! As much as I'd like to credit myself for this idea, I have to turn to Pinterest. I have a Gardening Board that you can check out if you're feeling the spring feva!! (say it with flair while pretending to shake maracas in the air with both hands...? why not!) P.S. My Mom reminded me that St. Patrick's Day is the day to try and dig in your Sweet Pea seeds. They like it cold and by spring the plants will be +/- 6" (note: they are climbers)! 30 Days is going well! I've completed the first 7 days and you know what? I feel pretty snappy about it. Check out my accomplishments here.

On the side, I've also started:
  • wearing earrings every day
  • shining the kitchen sink every night (no more waking up to a sink full of dirty dishes, this makes me happier than I could have ever imagined)
  • keeping the kitchen table free of clutter (what?)
  • following a meal plan (original post here, update in progress)
So far, so good. I can do this!

Ok. With all that being said, I need some direction with the de-cluttering. For Week 2 I'm turning to Project Organize your Entire Life: Declutter the Kitchen from Modern Parents Messy Kids. Modern Parents Messy Kids turned this funny post about the "ultimate organized woman" into a how to series. Look out kitchen here I come! Yesterday was Day 8 and here's what I did (go me!):


If you're doing 30 Days I'd love to hear how it's going :)

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