Thursday, March 29, 2012

Never peel another hard boiled egg again, ever.

If you like peeling hard boiled eggs please stop reading this post right now. You will be disappointed.

Easter is coming and this year I have 4 dozen eggs sitting in my fridge waiting to be coloured, displayed, smashed and EVENTUALLY eaten. 4 dozen does seem like a ridiculous amount but we are hosting a bit of an egg colour extravaganza. Side note: some of those eggs will make it into cake and cupcake recipes before they make it to The Colouring (sounds like the Hunger Games, for eggs, yes?!)...

I've been peeling hard boiled eggs for far too long. Until a few months ago actually. I've been married for 5 years (aweeee) and still, I have failed to notice how my husband extracts (?) a hard boiled egg from it's shell. It's not like this although my husband is also asian and cute...

it's like this,

Cut it in half with a sharp knife and scoop the egg out with a spoon. THAT'S IT!

I know what you may be thinking:

1. What about the bits of shell getting into the egg? Rarely does shell make it into the egg. Sometimes there's a chip of shell on the cut line, sometimes.

2. Too much egg will be wasted when I try and scoop it out. No. You can scoop the egg right out and run the spoon against the shell. 

3. What about deviled eggs?! Cut the egg in the other direction. This is how my hubby cuts it anyways, I just like to cut it the short way.

If this method doesn't suit your liking you can try my daughters method from 2011 - It's called Smash Egg.

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